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A Movie-Script Ending [entries|friends|calendar]

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quickly [Wednesday 1:02am October 26th]

I apologize for the lack of updates/comments these past several weeks. Ever since classes started up again, I've just been incredibly busy. Very little time for LJ these days, but I try to catch up on the friendslist whenever I've got a minute to spare.

Other than that, life is overall pretty sweet. I saw Interpol downtown a couple of weeks ago. They were, as expected, awesome; they play a great live set. My birthday passed a few days after the concert; I celebrated with friends, and yeah. Life's just good- busy, but good. Can't complain, really.

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[Friday 11:56pm August 26th]

So my new PC arrived on Tuesday, and I must say, it is quite awesome. It's a flatscreen, and totally blew me away when we took it out of the box(es). I named it Brody, after Mr. Seth Cohen himself (what? I couldn't help it!). Anyways, it's totally sweet, but although I really love it, I'm trying not to become a total slave to the computer. This means I may be updating a bit more frequently, but who really knows.

The OC dvds also came out on Tuesday, and I'm extremely disappointed by the removal of the Alex/Marissa outtakes. BOO. On the other hand, I was delighted to see the sudden resurgence/outpouring of Malex love. I heart my ship.

Yesterday was spent hanging with some buddies. We swam in my friend's pool, and I came home smelling like chlorine.

Right now I am trying to download Napoleon Dynamite. The torrent started 9 and a half hours ago, and it is still at 16.2%. Gah.


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I don't ask for your forgiveness. [Wednesday 5:37pm August 17th]
[ mood | distressed ]



What? Why? When? WHY??!???!??




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[Saturday 10:26pm July 16th]

So. I have a copy of The Half-Blood Prince just sitting on my bed, untouched. WHY I AM NOT READING IT RIGHT NOW, I DO NOT KNOW. Something must be wrong with me, honestly.

But OMG SQUEE, BOOK 06!!1! Heh.

ETA: Am done now. OMG. OMGOMGOMG *is dead* That was amazing.

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[Wednesday 9:42pm April 6th]
[ mood | shocked ]

OMG. Lost tonight was just.. omg. Collapse )

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WOO and HOO. [Tuesday 12:05am March 29th]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, I bought concert tickets today with Antonia to see The Killers, live at the Molson Ampitheatre on May 31. They went onsale this morning at 10 am. I arrived (late) at Ticketmaster at 10:15, and already the best available seats were only in section 408. 408, people. Thousands of tickets sold in less than 20 minutes- this is madness, I tell you. Of course we still bought them, because hey, it's The Killers and even if the seats are total crap, there is no way I'm passing up the chance to hear them live.

Also bought tickets for the Snow Patrol concert on May 18 at Kool Haus, which should be fun. Hooray for British rock bands.

I finally gave in and watched the OC pilot for the first time today, after weeks of avoidance. IT WAS SO, SO GOOD OMIGOSH. Ryan/Seth slash fans? I now see the light. Adam and Ben were really terrific in this episode, I was completely blown away. The look on Seth's face when he saw Summer flirting with Ryan... "I named my boat after her." Awww, I could almost feel myself falling in love with him, all over again. Also, Ryan's scene with his mom was very hard for me to watch, due to Ben's awesome acting job.

Honestly, I'm still not over the depression that "The Blaze of Glory" left me in (I want Alex back, dammit!), but watching the pilot made me realize just why I love(d) this show so much. When it wants to be, the OC is really damn good television.

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Update. At Last. [Monday 3:45pm March 21st]
[ mood | anxious ]

Wow, my first official update in almost a year- OMG CRAZY. I've mostly been lurking, and commenting in other people's journals while keeping busy in RL. So, um, hi! *waves* What brings me here today, you ask? That's a great question (no really, it is). Why, fic of course!

Anyways. My latest OTP, courtesy of the OC. Marissa/Alex, 1140 words. Because last Thursday's episode made me want to cry.

This Is What It's Like.Collapse )

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